Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A change in scenery...

This blog will probably not be used as much due to the fact that the center of my attention has suddenly become one very sweet little girl. To continue following my life, go here:

Friday, April 16, 2010

HMO's, PFO's, UFO's

I seem to blog about things that are driving me crazy. So for this week's rant: Insurance.
I had no idea what a head ache I would be putting myself through when deciding to graduate 1 month before Jadyn is due. We were under the impression that we were covered for 6 months after I the real world this does no happen. My insurance is terminated on Monday. It's like D-day, only if I get injured I wouldn't be able to go to the doctor. But I did find a solution--- Extended Coverage! You can continue to get the lovely Deseret Mutual coverage for 9 more months, so long as you are willing to pay 6 times the amount you were paying while in school! (I feel like I may be overdoing it on exclamation points but I am fully exclaiming). Since we are 8 months in with a doctor there's no changing now so we will have to pay for one month of the "pay so much you almost would prefer just giving them your kidney" plan. So we have added a bit to the baby bill. Even still, a baby is a baby and you can't put a price on that, so I am happy nontheless!

Second, we are looking for another option after we have paid the dues, extending at least a couple more months of living with mom and dad---side note: I LOVE living with my parents, but will never feel that I am progressing completely until I am taking care of my own home, so I do want an end it sight. Plus I don't want a toddler still sleeping in the same room with mommy and daddy. Things could get slow-developing---We found an insurance company that is fairly low but will just add more to the pot. I am not planning on driving to Lousiville anymore for work so my hours are going to drop. Jace is working on finding work. And I just don't want to do Medicaid! Maybe I am too prideful. I don't want things handed to me, but I can't help thinking that the more insurance we pay more, the less able we will be to go out on our own eventually. How can we do this? I want to provide for my family, be a good mother, have insurance, buy a house in the future and it's all just so expensive! And the more I think about everything we need to buy and everything we need to have prepared, the longer I want Jadyn to wait. I am going to have another dream about my water breaking FOR SURE tonight.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Last week...ever

I am on my final week of college. Of course, that means this is THE most stressful week of my life, but there are some things that are keeping me going. Number one came this morning. Jace is helping me with my final ad campaign (Apple iMac) and he stumbled upon this ad. Pretty much, Apple rocks. I get a little consumed by campaigns I work on so last night I had a dream that I was stuck in a very compromising position against some sort of scary nemesis. My saving move was drawing the Apple Logo in the sand. Apple rescued me just in the nick of time!
 Other things...
- due to the sudden fear that my water is going to break when I least expect it I am working really really fast!...just in case.
- Though stress is building, I am doing my best to savor this last little bit of knowledge I am gaining. Education will continue, but it will not be so automatic.
- I got through the Childbirth Express class! That's right. I watched two birthing videos and did not squirm once. I was quite fascinated.

Other than that I will see you all on the other side...the graduated side.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Transmission, Temple, T...Volvo

It has been QUITE a while since we have been to the temple...ok like 3 weeks. Our first kid is still cookin so we have no excuse. We set the day and took off in our oh-so noble Subaru. The little guy seemed to be doing just fine. Apparently cars go through a similar process as animals/humans before they die. They start looking really good and acting like they are getting better, but it's a dirty trick!

Flashback: Sacrament meeting a couple weeks prior
Jace and I write notes to each other a lot during sacrament meeting. I always have a lot on my mind and he likes to doodle, so it's a win-win. By the end of the meeting, we had our life planned. Neat! It goes as follows:
Save 1,000 a month until January 2011
With our 10,000 put a healthy down-payment on a shiny new car, get rid of Subaru.
Save Save Save. Have a nice down payment for a house once Jace gets out of school PLUS an impressive credit report thanks to our car payments on the shiny new car.
In order for us to live comfortably in a $200,000 home, Jace would have to get a job with a salary of $60,000/year...not bad eh?

January 2011...that's when Subaru is supposed to die. I forgot to tell him though.

Flashforward: driving to the temple
A sound erupts from Subaru (we could never settle on a name, but let's call him Phil). If sounds could be spelled out, it was something like: eeeeeeee kluck kluck kluck dump ssssssss ptickush ptickush....boom.
Transmission is much for sacrament meeting planning! And so much for going to the temple!

Luckily we are diligent little savers so we bought a Volvo XC. And it is cool! I drove it home completely intimidated by the power it gave me. Cars not only let me merge into their lane, but also slowed and bowed down to the beautiful silver mom wagon. It was on my dream list of my future mom car. This one is used, very used, by very very happy. Volvo and Phil would have never sat at the same table in school. A comparison of the two:
Volvo: Has seat warmers.
Phil: Shivers when it's cold outside.
Volvo: Has Turbo.
Phil: Has reverse...sometimes.
Volvo: Tells me how many miles per gallon I am getting.
Phil: Did about a mile per gallon.
Volvo: Has a pen holder.
Phil: Has a chunk bitten out of the driver seat so you can learn the anatomy of foam.
Volvo: Drives fast.
Phil: Dies Fast.

Some of you may be thinking I am very ungrateful for the transportation abilities Phil offered me. I may be a little infatuated by the new toy, tis true. But Phil will be missed. I did cry when he died, and not just because we didn't make it to the temple. No no, it was tears of true loss. He has been my car for three years. He got me through many Rexburg Blizzards. He was hit by an unknown source, had some very unfortunate hub caps, agreed to long voyages to utah and colorado, and even let me put some stickers on him. He was a good car.

Pictures to follow!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 are my nemesis

It is day three of Standard Time and my body still is saying "ahhhhh!" It wants to sleep another hour; it does not embrace change well. Try as I might, I may just have to give in and be late for everything for another 6 months.
Time has been a bit of a soft spot for me for quite some time now. It is always lurking next to me, but we have not been formally introduced. It's like time is stalking me. It doesn't even have the decency to come up and tell me "hi, I'm Time. I am deceptively short....and long."
I don't have time to read every book about pregnancy. I don't even have time to finish ONE! Which means I do not have time to even think about parenting books (whoops, I just thought  of it.  I'm sure I'll be late for something now because of it). I want to be ready. But how ready can you truly be? Everyone tells you giving birth is hard, parenting is hard, everything changes, but it is so wonderful... so all I can really do is wait for the inevitable. I was terrified about this whole child birth thing until just yesterday. I was driving to pick up Jace. I pictured holding her. I was overcome by joy, and the pain didn't matter anymore.
Time is short: when I think about work, school and all the things I need to do to feel accomplished.
Time is long: when I think about getting a house, buying a new car and becoming middle class. suck.

It seems like time and me are in different time zones. And I think it only fair that time comes to me because I am in my third trimester so I can't travel. I don't think time is pregnant. Maybe if we were better friends I would know. If it were what would it have?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm Scared.

There I said it.
I'm scared to be a parent.
I'm scared to push out the child that I will be parenting.
I'm scared of doing nothing.
I'm scared of sleep deprivation.
Of growing up too fast.
Of starting to use the phrase "back in my day" and "kids these days".
Of blogging about how I cleaned...and it felt good.

But other things on my mind, are not scaring me, more so just musings....
I can't see my toes if I stand up straight.
If I ever wondered what it would be like to try and tie my shoes while reaching over a beach ball, I do not have to wonder anymore.
Jace's hair looks different every day. Sometimes I think he needs a haircut, but sometimes I don't.
I really like stripes.
It's strange that we like to post our thoughts for everyone to see...and we expect people to comment on's strange...but kind of cool.
Are pregnant bellies good floatation devices?
My bangs are at a good phase again. For a while they would only do one thing. Grease. But now they do lots of tricks. It's nice.
Does my doctor do drugs? She's always oddly calm.

Thoughts that are making me happy. Less musing. Just happy.
I sang all the Mary Poppins songs before I fell asleep and Jace had to keep telling me the words.
Jace is one of the best people I have ever met.
There is a foot sticking out of my stomach. I made that foot.
This post is long. I must think a lot.
Someone is going to laugh at something I said today. They just don't know it yet. Op! just happened.
I am wearing my favorite shirt. It has stripes.

Oh sad thought! The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.... where was I?
Blue gatorade.
I did something my boss liked this week. I will be praised.
I am about to go to boulder to film a pointless movie. And I'm getting paid to do it. Don't know if that should be in the musings section.

Thoughts complete.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hello Third Trimester!

That's right! We haved arrived at 28 weeks. Life is busier than ever. I cannot wait for Jadyn to come. I'll just have one job :) That doesn't sound so bad.