Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our first Macbooks!

...and many more to come. We looooove Mac's now. Not only do you look cooler, but you truly are cooler with a Mac. Last semester Jace and I went to the BYU-Idaho Bookstore Loyalty Party not expecting anything ( but really long names for parties can be decieving). Just as we were about to leave do to disappointment after not finding Abe Lincoln first, getting an ipod, or even a fancy pen my raffle ticket was called!! I was so excited! I don't win things often so this was a big deal. I won 400$. So we were not too disappointed about the pen loss because we could now buy 400. We thought for a moment. First logically...put it in the bank...then as Jacey and Lindsey tend to think when we put our heads together too long so we bought me a MacBook. It was already on sale for 800 so we only had to spend 400 bones. Amazing first!!!

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