Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm Scared.

There I said it.
I'm scared to be a parent.
I'm scared to push out the child that I will be parenting.
I'm scared of doing nothing.
I'm scared of sleep deprivation.
Of growing up too fast.
Of starting to use the phrase "back in my day" and "kids these days".
Of blogging about how I cleaned...and it felt good.

But other things on my mind, are not scaring me, more so just musings....
I can't see my toes if I stand up straight.
If I ever wondered what it would be like to try and tie my shoes while reaching over a beach ball, I do not have to wonder anymore.
Jace's hair looks different every day. Sometimes I think he needs a haircut, but sometimes I don't.
I really like stripes.
It's strange that we like to post our thoughts for everyone to see...and we expect people to comment on's strange...but kind of cool.
Are pregnant bellies good floatation devices?
My bangs are at a good phase again. For a while they would only do one thing. Grease. But now they do lots of tricks. It's nice.
Does my doctor do drugs? She's always oddly calm.

Thoughts that are making me happy. Less musing. Just happy.
I sang all the Mary Poppins songs before I fell asleep and Jace had to keep telling me the words.
Jace is one of the best people I have ever met.
There is a foot sticking out of my stomach. I made that foot.
This post is long. I must think a lot.
Someone is going to laugh at something I said today. They just don't know it yet. Op! just happened.
I am wearing my favorite shirt. It has stripes.

Oh sad thought! The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.... where was I?
Blue gatorade.
I did something my boss liked this week. I will be praised.
I am about to go to boulder to film a pointless movie. And I'm getting paid to do it. Don't know if that should be in the musings section.

Thoughts complete.


  1. You are so wonderful! And I have no doubt you are going to be an awesome mom!

  2. This was HILARIOUS! I'm sorry you are scared, but you are so funny! From your beach ball belly, to your druggy doctor, to the foot you made, to the pending praise from your boss. AWESOME. I love you, Lindsey. I'm so ready to come see you next month.

  3. oh as am i! P.S I found christian's blog. Funniest writer in the planet. Holy smokes.