Monday, December 7, 2009

First Halloween Costume!

The idea was hippies. Jace's fluffy hair and my long hair with bangs just made sense. Jace and I practically live like hippies anyways. So we set out for the thrift store for groovy threads. We came out with darth vader leotards. Yes, I think it is safe to say that us as a couple means that nothing will end up the way that we planned...but we decided to be "from the future". We (I) followed around the Wal Mart re-stocker until he would give me a Lindsey sized and Jacey sized box, spray painted them, super glued pie tins and a giant thermometer, and topped it off with funny hats. I think if we were to enter ourselves into the third grade science fair we would win! This was the BEST Halloween yet. Next year, we are going to make costumes that are a little easier to move in.

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  1. Oh Lindz,
    Thank you so much for creating this blog. It helps with my separation anxiety!