Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's December, Finals are over...this calls for a post!

What a wonderful month this has been. I discovered that my husband is very fun to shop for! Things keep coming to mind that I remember he has mentioned throughout the year that he would like to have. So I have been a very preceptive wife and spoiled him to the max. How fun! I would say what I got him, but I am bound and determined to surprise him...and so far he has ruined three of the surprises, so I am holding by a thread!
Ok...let's do some highlights from the month!
1. We got Roxy a christmas sweater. It was 2 dollars and very cute. He has been looking so cold. He willingly let me slip it on even though it makes his hips look quite large. I think he really likes it. The only problem is that it has disappeared...hmmm
2. We went to court for Onyx. My mom cried she was so scared. Poor thing, just can't handle breaking the law. I, on the other hand seem to be a criminal at heart. I felt no fear. I said with complete confidence "I am guilty of having an unlicensed cat who is insane!"
3. We finished finals!
4. I got my first "C". A very, VERY humbling experience. I know this may come as a surprise to all you readers, but I am not perfect.
5. I sewed. Twice! I am learning how to be a house wife.
6. The baby kicked! I swear it wasn't just my tummy growling. I got a nudge. It was amazing.
7. We are very nearly close to moving into the basement. The men have been working night and day to reconstruct the boiler room. I doesn't feel like a creepy closet anymore. In fact, it's quite homey!

These are the highlights thus far, stay tuned for more!

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  1. 1. Oh my gosh, I love the cat in the sweater! If Jeff ever let's me get a cat, it will definitely have a Christmas sweater.
    2. This Onyx story sounds like a good one.
    3. I'm so proud of you for sewing! I really need to learn to do that!
    4. I'm so excited that we're both having babies and I can't wait till mine kicks :)
    5. You guys are one hot couple!