Tuesday, January 26, 2010

God Has Heard

I have found many variations of what the name "Jadyn" means, but one that has really stuck with me is "god has heard." Was she an answer to prayer? I didn't seem to have any trouble getting pregnant! But everything seems to be pointing to her. We were told to move...NOW, I got the perfect job for a pregnant lady, and Smashburger is now just around the corner.
Though every child is a blessing, I think she has especially been an answer to prayer even though I didn't know I was praying for her. I have found myself on my knees constantly asking for more hope for the future, more of a reason to push through the days, more of a reassurance that we are doing what is right, more courage, more determination to be better...and every time I feel a little nudge on my tummy... suddenly all my pleadings are granted.

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  1. I'm really emotional right now...so...this didn't help =)

    So Precious.