Friday, April 16, 2010

HMO's, PFO's, UFO's

I seem to blog about things that are driving me crazy. So for this week's rant: Insurance.
I had no idea what a head ache I would be putting myself through when deciding to graduate 1 month before Jadyn is due. We were under the impression that we were covered for 6 months after I the real world this does no happen. My insurance is terminated on Monday. It's like D-day, only if I get injured I wouldn't be able to go to the doctor. But I did find a solution--- Extended Coverage! You can continue to get the lovely Deseret Mutual coverage for 9 more months, so long as you are willing to pay 6 times the amount you were paying while in school! (I feel like I may be overdoing it on exclamation points but I am fully exclaiming). Since we are 8 months in with a doctor there's no changing now so we will have to pay for one month of the "pay so much you almost would prefer just giving them your kidney" plan. So we have added a bit to the baby bill. Even still, a baby is a baby and you can't put a price on that, so I am happy nontheless!

Second, we are looking for another option after we have paid the dues, extending at least a couple more months of living with mom and dad---side note: I LOVE living with my parents, but will never feel that I am progressing completely until I am taking care of my own home, so I do want an end it sight. Plus I don't want a toddler still sleeping in the same room with mommy and daddy. Things could get slow-developing---We found an insurance company that is fairly low but will just add more to the pot. I am not planning on driving to Lousiville anymore for work so my hours are going to drop. Jace is working on finding work. And I just don't want to do Medicaid! Maybe I am too prideful. I don't want things handed to me, but I can't help thinking that the more insurance we pay more, the less able we will be to go out on our own eventually. How can we do this? I want to provide for my family, be a good mother, have insurance, buy a house in the future and it's all just so expensive! And the more I think about everything we need to buy and everything we need to have prepared, the longer I want Jadyn to wait. I am going to have another dream about my water breaking FOR SURE tonight.


  1. Oh my gosh! That's awful!!! How scary and frustrating and awful!
    I'm sorry, Toots.

    And don't be afraid of Medicaid. It's not like you're mooching and working the system. You are a small, low income family. Nothing wrong with that! Ask Angie and Greg, Ha. Greg would be dead without it.

  2. I'm sorry things are so stressful Lindsey :(

    We were on state health insurance for Grace's pregnancy, and i didn't like it, but it was a necessary evil. And the way i see it, we're paying back for it now. And i would say you are in a situation where you need it. And you wouldn't be on it for very long you know? It's just temporary, you are trying to get ahead, but it takes time you know?

    It's amazing how much insurance can be though! And even though you have it, doesn't mean things are covered. Yeah, Jay and i have insurance, as if we go to a PPO it's covered 90%, but that is only AFTER we meet the deductible. So we have to pay $1,000 out of pocket before they kick in. BOO. So we've been having to pay a lot for my stupid kidney specialist appointments when we really don't have extra money to put towards that....

    But thankfully we have a midwife for the pregnancy. For EVERYTHING (my prenatal visits, the birth, and postpartum visits) it's $3,000 :) Right now we are paying it all out of pocket, but after baby is born insurance should reimburse us 70% (since she's out of network). But a good thing is, even if we didn't have insurance, $3,000 is manageable. It's nothing like a supid $7,000+ hospital delivery (so not even including doctors visits).

    But yeah, having money someday will be great. I'm so thankful for how lucky we've been. Pretty much everything for baby has been free and there is not much we need (we need a carseat....but that's all i can think of right now...) There really isn't much babies need. Clothes, diapers, food, carseat...that's about it :)

    Good luck hun!

  3. Hello? We all pay into medicaid with every use it! Atleast someone we know will be benefitting instead of total strangers. And when it comes to 8 months in with a doctor, when you are pushing your baby out you don't care who the heck is catching. With Chloe I ended up not having my own doctor and the doctor on call was a really sweet girl...I say girl because she had to have been 19. But I didn't care, I got my baby. Good Luck! (On Wednesday ;))